Crazy Message of the Week

So, I’ve been CRAZY busy at work this week, like “almost 70 hours last week” busy. Just horrible. But, I did have time to browse my Inbox and even managed to squeeze a date in there! We will discuss that date further later. But first, I’d like to discuss the Crazy Message of the Week:

I don’t know what is up with my profile picture, but it’s apparently causing more hallucinations. Do guys think weird messages like this are going to get a big response. First of all, “rice infested meals”?! I get what he’s trying to say, but really now all I can think of is the scene from The Lost Boys where Michael eats that gross maggot rice.

Secondly, contrary to what that Psychic Fish saw, this guy saw the complete opposite in my photo! No curses. No spirit struggles… just sunshine and angels. I mean, I would certainly go with happy brightness over dark fights.

I just don’t understand what it is about my photo that inspires messages like this…

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6 responses to “Crazy Message of the Week

  1. The “rice infested meals” also made me think of maggot-eating Michael in The Lost Boys…oh the 90s…ahem.

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