Crazy Message of the Week

Oh, here’s a doozy of a message:

First of all, I’m not sure what “Drawing nice,” is supposed to mean. Is he asking if my drawings are good? …Is he asking if I only draw nice, cute, little adorable things? …Is it a statement of approval?! Seriously dude, commas and periods exist for a reason! I’m tempted to reply just to have a little chit-chat regarding the benefits of grammar and punctuation! And why is he so interested in the portraits? Does he want to volunteer as a model for a portrait? Does he fancy himself as a modern-day Mona Lisa? Who knows?!

As for the whole bit on shoes; is he actually talking about shoes or is it supposed to be a metaphor for dating? I have no idea what this guy is talking about!? At all! He’s either incredibly random and possibly suffering from adult ADHD or incredibly profound. Whatever the explanation, I can’t imagine a date with this guy being anything but frustrating and annoying.

But if by “bought shoes today” he means “went on a date“, and by “I got home and realized I don’t like them” he means “got there and wished I’d just kept walking
…then yes, that happens all the time.

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