Crazy Message of the Week

Friday Morning!? It’s crazy message of the week time:

This is a sneaky one! Things start off well, correctly spelled words, he indicates he’s at least read my profile… but things quickly take a turn to the incoherent!! This message had me more confused than any other I’ve received. Is ‘Marco‘ some sort of slang the kids are using these days that I’m just not hip enough to understand? The NOCD thing – again, no idea. And honestly, by that point in the message I have completely lost any understanding of what’s going on! Now, after last week’s Crazy Message, I am just going to pass on the rant about all the horrendous spelling errors!! I simply don’t have the energy.

But, don’t you worry, random messenger guy… I won’t be needing those references…

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5 responses to “Crazy Message of the Week

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  2. He meant Macro, not Marco. Macroing is a predermined input sequence mapped to a simpler function; usually one macros many World of Warcraft commands to one key to save time since the game would register them all at once, and you don’t have to physically hit multiple keys in sequence.

    NOCD, No CD Hack/Crack. It’s a way to play pirated software without actually needing the CD in the drive to verify it – essential in piracy or simply keeping things streamlined on your system. Play a 1 v 1, slang for video game versus modes in most genres, here applied as innuendo to get you alone.

    • Haha! It’s a bid sign when your message needs that much translation! I got the 1v1 thing, and initially I thought the ‘NOCD’ thing was something like that… but, then I wasn’t sure… and then I just stopped caring and gave up.

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