Sorry ladies, I just don’t swing that way

I haven’t really posted anything other than the Crazy Message of the Week lately… as that is really all that has been going on down on the online dating front. Sad, I know. But a new trend has presented itself – women messaging me. I have received two messages from two different women this week alone. Now, the tragic twist is that they both are more attractive and engaging that ANY of the messages from the opposite sex that have found their way into my Inbox!

Look at this message. It’s short, it’s sweet, and the words are all spelled correctly?!

Hey cutie! How are you?
I’m pretty new to this whole online thing but you definitely caught my eye so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to send you a message. I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I really hope to hear back from you :).

She actually used “YOU’RE” instead of “YOUR” or “UR“?!  Why must the universe laugh in my face!! But wait! There’s more! I did mention a second lovely lady… here’s her cute message:

Hello awesome person! I must say you are super cute hun! You seem super awesome so I’m hoping we can get to know each other! Hope to hear from you soon!

Just look at how awesome she thinks I am!

And, may I add that both of these women were very attractive. A few of my friends were privy to these messages and photos, and everyone was impressed – especially the dudes. But, not only were they cute and crafting a coherent message, they both had absolutely charming profiles. Both women were clever and funny and shared many of my interests. Dammit! It hurts my heart! It seems like nothing is aligning properly!
I have no interest in the dudes who find me attractive, the dudes that I find attractive have no interest in me, and the people with the qualities that I’m attracted to, and who are also attracted to me – are women!?

What an epiphany… but, on the bright side – it’s certainly better than having NO ONE showing any interested in me! :)
Haha. So, I’m not going to give up, and at the very least I will find a guy who is worthy of a second date!

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