Crazy Message of the Week

Get ready for this week’s Crazy Message… it’s a looooooooong one!!

Wow! I think it’s Saturday now!! Jesus, Dude!! All that shit goes into you’re friggin’ profile!! That’s what it’s for!!
But, since we’re sharing…. here’s a little something about me: I don’t accept other people for who they are… if who they are is an idiot!!!

Like, his interests include Fall Fairs and Carnivals!? Really?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone list those cheap, seedy travelling death traps among their interests…ever.

Dry County?! Oh, believe me when I tell you – I just had to Google this gem! And, if you’re so inclined, I’ll save you the trouble – here’s their site. Apparently, it’s Canada’s top unsigned country act – where AC/DC meets Alabama. The fans call themselves the Redneck Mafia!? Wow! I can just image my life with this guy – non-stop carnivals, country music and demolition derbys!! No fancy dinners – guaranteed this guy doesn’t eat sushi! No trips to museums! No arts, no culture …no being able to bring him out to work functions!!

And is it really necessary to list that you dislike people who beat children and women? Are there people out there who have those things filed under their “interests” column?!

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