Crazy Message of the Week • November 30, 2012


Here we are at the end of the week!! And believe me, it didn’t come soon enough. What a long and work-filled week. Yuck.
But, another thing to be thankful about, besides the fact today is Friday, is that I really didn’t get any messages that were too crazy this week!! Maybe all the crazies are busy with Christmas cards and holiday shopping…?? But, we can’t have a week without a crazy message, so here is the one that out-crazied the rest:

Now, on its most basic level – this is just a well-intentioned message… But, I think it’s an odd message since, he doesn’t seem to be interested in pursuing any sort of online dating. So, he’s basically saying ‘Hey, you’ve got a lot going on…but personally, I am not interested in any of it’. Does he just think he’s not lucky enough? Then, the reassurance that God has big romantic plans for me… honestly, I’m not sure if he’s trying to convince me or himself. But, as he says… i deserve to be happy too…
Again, it just sounds like a half-hearted compliment. But, I’m taking it! It’s been a tough week and I do like compliments and people telling me things are going to be delightful! :)

Oh, and something I will need to go into much more detail about is the super awesome messages I’ve been exchanging with this video game designer!! I’m excited, and have high hopes for this guy. Though, I’m trying not to get too excited, you know, my past experiences make me nervous. But this “Crazy Message” guy says everything is going to work out. So, who am I to question this random guy… Yay!!

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