Online dating, they have that in bars now.

Hello again!! I have been all kinds of busy again lately, as a result I have been seriously lacking in my posting. But don’t you worry, things are going on, it’s just I’ve been failing miserably at relaying all the dating excitement.

Recently I decided to attend a Plenty of Fish event. I have received notifications of these events before, but since they were always being hosted at a local country bar,  I knew right off the bat that I would not be attending. But, evidently I was not the only one who wasn’t cool with the country scene… So, due to some serious outcry – they moved the event to this new, hip and trendy venue which was pretty much described as a dating Shangri-La.

Where drinks would be offered to the daters at a special price. Where food would be discounted 10% for any of the POFers. Where a live band would be rockin’ all the best songs of the 70s and 80s in front of a large dance floor. And as if that wasn’t enough, there was the promise of door prizes and a pseudo-arcade full of basketball hoops, a bowling lane, a golf simulator, pool tables, and retro video games?!?

As awesome as that all sounds. It was far removed from the actual reality.

I saw no door prizes. The dance floor was tiny. There were no deals on food or drink and no way I could see from identifying the POFers from any of the regular Joes in the place!

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The older folks in the outdated fashions were definitely there with the event. It was like all the divorces had been finalized and everyone grabbed their favourite outfit from the 1980s and ran out to the bar. Honestly, there was one woman in a matching black and white zebra-print blazer and skirt and a string of pearls. Holy crap, it was tragic. She appeared to be very nice, but I just wanted to take her away and give her a makeover.

In addition to the countless fashion faux pas on parade, the atmosphere of this little mixer was reminiscent of a grade seven dance. Nothing says sophisticated, adult dating event like a cartoon turtle and flounder getting to know each other on the side of a balloon.


Lots of uncomfortable men and women standing around, and just overall awkwardness. But, unlike those grade school dances… there was booze involved. And believe me when I tell you, those alcoholic drinks were the only thing that got most of us through the evening.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is no way to distinguish the people who are there with the POF event and those who are just hanging out at the bar. Though, after quickly scoping out the scene, I didn’t want anyone to know I was there with the event either. According to the email invite, there has been much debate about event wristbands in order to identify those where were there as part of the event. Personally, I think it’s a good idea, otherwise, I may as well just go to any bar and try to figure out who’s single and who isn’t.

Another thing that I noticed at this event is that I’m stuck in the 30-something Dating Dead Zone!! There was a bunch of people in their 20s and then a whole bunch of people in their 40s-50s, but no one appeared to be in their 30s.

Chances are that this could have just been one bad event, but I will have to check out another event to be sure… And I’m not saying it wasn’t a fun night. I had plenty of fun, but I was there with friends and we knew the bassist in the band. Hopefully, if I go to an event in the future, I won’t just talk to people I already know. That’s cheating.


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