I am a 33-year old single woman who has made the terrifying decision to start online dating.
I have also made the infinitely less terrifying decision to blog about it.

I’m not saying I am a professional writer or earn my living blogging. I am certainly not a relationship expert either. But, I do believe I can string a sentence together, and there will be no shortage of things to discuss if my “online” dates are as noteworthy as my “real world” dating experiences.

I would be lying if I told you that my previous encounters with the dating world didn’t play a big part in the inspiration behind creating this blog. It is my hope that the blog will allow me to adopt a new perspective on dating as well as a little more tolerance and patience during the early stages with new romantic potentials. History has shown that I like to freak out almost immediately, then sabotage everything and run away from the entire situation.
(spoiler alert: zoe’s got some trust issues!)

And since we’re getting to know each other so well; here are some of the ‘Zoessentials” – I am just a nerdy girl who loves movies, tv and video games. I also love hyperbole, sarcasm and grilled cheese sandwiches!! Midnight road trips are pretty damn awesome too!

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    • Thanks!! I’m now following your blog! Looking forward to reading about everyone else’s online dating experiences! Misery does love company and all that… ;)

  1. Aw! I’ve done the freak-out / sabotage thing before too. I haven’t had a girlfiend that hasn’t done it at least once. Love is like a drug for people like us and it sometimes can intoxicate us to a point of pure madness. Well, I guess its really a mixture of that and the crazy men we date!

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